Education and Training
Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes wherein students from other Institutions and Universities are invited to participate thereby encouraging inter-action of Student Members of this Institute with students of other Institutions and Universities.
University Campus Buildings
  Academic and Teaching Faculty  
Board of Directors has constituted the Academic Board comprising over 20 permanent Members. Members of the Academic Board are mainly Educationists and specialists in various functional areas of Business Administration and Business Management including Professors in Management disciplines from other Universities in Delhi to work on assignment basis,
Admission and Procedure


The minimum eligibility condition for Entrance to Institute Courses is a Candidate having qualified a Graduate Degree.

Subject to confirmation and approval of Admissions, the Students are Registered for the Courses of the Institute and are admitted as Student Members of the Institute for the duration of the Course for pursuing Educational Programmes at the Students Educational Centres as per their preference, subject to the number of seats available at such Centres and depending upon the facilities existing at each Centre.


Qualifying percentage of Marks is a candidate securing 50 % marks in aggregate and 40 % in each subject paper.




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