Education and Training
Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes wherein students from other Institutions and Universities are invited to participate thereby encouraging inter-action of Student Members of this Institute with students of other Institutions and Universities.
University Campus Buildings
  Academic and Teaching Faculty  
Board of Directors has constituted the Academic Board comprising over 20 permanent Members. Members of the Academic Board are mainly Educationists and specialists in various functional areas of Business Administration and Business Management including Professors in Management disciplines from other Universities in Delhi to work on assignment basis,

Authorities of the Institute comprise :

a. General  Body of the Institute comprising Members of the Institute.
b. Board of Directors elected by the General Body.
c. Finance Committee appointed by the Board of Directors.
d. Academic Board appointed by the Board of Directors.

Academic Board, under its purview appoints :

a. Syllabus Committee                           b. Committee for Curriculla of Studies
c. Committee for Courses of Studies     d. Teaching and Educnl.l Programmes Committee
e. Equivalence Committee                     f.  Board of Examiners
g. Panel of Paper Setters                      h. Examinations Committee

and such other Boards, Committees or Sub-Committees as Academic Board may desire to regulate and control the Academic functioning of the Institute.

The Secretary, under his purview, appoints :

a. Registration Committee
b. Membership Committee
c. Educational Training and Educational Centres establishment, control and     regulatory     committee
d. Students Advisory Committee
e. Liaison Committee
f. Members Professional Guidance Bureau
g. Seminars and Conferences Committee
i. Publication Committee

and such other Boards, Committees and Sub-Committees as the  Secretary may feel necessary or as may be directed by Board of Directors to ensure smooth administrative and management functioning of the Institute.

Finance Committee, under its purview, appoints :

a. Accounts Committee.

and such other Committees or Sub-Committees as the Finance Committee may desire to constitute.


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