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Feasibility Study And Necessity Of The Proposed University In Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Feasibility And Viability Of Establishment Of Proposed University In Raipur, Chhattisgarh-Survey On Students Availability & Admissions Conducted By IBAM

A Survey Was Conducted By IBAM, Bilaspur With Respect Of The Students Qualifying The Higher Secondary 10 + 2 Examinations In The State Of Chhattisgarh And In Particular In Bilaspur And Raipur Regions With A View To Assess The Anticipated Number Of Students Expected To Seek Admission To The University Courses In Session 2013.

Total Number Of 10 + 2 Higher Secondary Schools In The Bilaspur District Are About 43 And In The Raipur District The Same Are About 47.

Chhattisgarh State Has 2 Central University, 9 State Universities And 3 Private Universities Functioning Presently.

Bilaspur Has About 20 Colleges And Institutions Conducting Higher Education Enrolling About 4,000 Students Each Year.  Raipur Has About 64 Colleges And Institutions Conducting Higher Education Enrolling About 12,800 Students Each Year. 

The Raipur – Bilaspur Rural Region Has About 10 Colleges And Institutions Conducting Higher Education Enrolling About 2,000 Students Each Year.

In The Year, 2012, Number Of Total Students Qualified The Higher Secondary Board 10 + 2 Examinations From The Chhattisgarh State Was 162,023.  Out Of This Number, A Total No. Of Students Qualified From Bilaspur District Was About 62,000 And The Same From Raipur  District Was About 75,000. 

Total In-Take Capacity Of The Higher Educational System In The State Of Chhattisgarh Is Approximately 83,800 Students.

Out Of The Total 162,023 Students Qualified The Higher Secondary Board 10 + 2 Examinations In Addition To About 3,000 Other Students Qualifying Other School-Leaving Examinations Viz. Open School And Other Such Systems, Total Number Of 99,013 Students Were Expected To Seek Admission To Higher Education In The Year, 2012.

Accordingly About 15,213 Students Desiring To Go For Higher Education Were, In All Likelihood, Deprived Of Higher Educational Facilities Owing To Lack Of Facilities Existing In The Region In 2012.

Taking Annual Increase 0f 20 % In Students Strength Each Year, With The Present Existing Infra-Structure, Out Of Approximately 118,816 Students, In The Session, 2013 About 83,800 Students May Be Absorbed And The Remaining 35,016 Aspiring Students May Suffer The Same Situation.

The Proposed University Seeks To Add To The Existing Educational Facilities For The Above-Said Students In This Region And Thereby Reduce The Gap Between Students Aspirations And Facilities Available For Higher Education In The Region.

It May Be Pointed Out Here Again That No. Of Students Seeking Higher Education In Various Courses Conducted By Universities Not Only Remains Constant But, Rather, Increases From Year To Year.  It Is Only The Preference Of Disciplines And Courses Which, Admittedly Changes From Year To Year And From Time To Time And From Generation To Generation. 

This Change Of Preferences Of Students And Their Aspirations Affect Some Extremely Popular Courses Losing Their Popularity And Intake While Some Other Courses, Not So Popular Earlier, Gain Extreme Popularity And  Come In Demand.  Further, Other Factors Like State Of Economy, Social Changes, International Relations And Trade, New Innovations And Inventions Also Determine Students Preferences For New Courses. 

In The Recent Past, This Phenomenon Was In Evidence.  Students Preferences   Changed From The Specialised Engineering, Management And Dental Disciplines To Other Formal Disciplines Which Only Universities Are Competent To Conduct.  It Is This Change Which Adversely Affected The In-Take Of The Engineering, Management, Dental And Such Other Institutions In The Recent Past.

It Can Be Safely Concluded That Number Of Students Seeking Admissions Each Year Continuously And Is Ever On The Increase.  Only Their Preferences For Courses And Disciplines Change With Times.

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