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Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes wherein students from other Institutions and Universities are invited to participate thereby encouraging inter-action of Student Members of this Institute with students of other Institutions and Universities.
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Board of Directors has constituted the Academic Board comprising over 20 permanent Members. Members of the Academic Board are mainly Educationists and specialists in various functional areas of Business Administration and Business Management including Professors in Management disciplines from other Universities in Delhi to work on assignment basis,

Systems and Methods of Education implemented by the Institute take into consideration the day-to-day developments in the highly dynamic fields of Business Administration and Management.  The staff function of planning, policy making, giving specific directions to an organisation is a highly sensitive and specialised field of Business Administration.  The various courses in Business Administration are designed to acquaint the students with such decision making processes and skills.

Courses in Business Administration are designed and intended for persons engaged in the Senior Positions of directors, managing directors, departmental heads, section heads, departmental incharge, entrepreneurs, partners, proprietors and such other senior officers comprising the ' Think Tank ' of an organisation engaged in policy drafting, framing and direction.

Business Management is a discipline contributing to the line function of management with respect of implementation and effective carry out of the policies, plans and directions.  Business Management needs special skills as Business Managers are exposed to general criticisms of their actions based on policies and plans formulated by others.  This is a highly sensitive and balancing role.  Business Managers have to affect a compromise between policies and plans of senior officers with satisfactory implementation thereof through junior personnel.  This requires specialised skills which are sought to be developed by the Courses in Business Management.

Computer Application is a highly complex, dynamic and progressive discipline.  Courses in Computer Application are designed to impart knowledge and practices commencing from the preliminary stage of initiation of the Participants to Computer Awareness and further Advanced Application of the modern tools and Techniques of Computer Operations at advanced levels.

Another feature of this Institute and of the Courses is the fact that the systems and methods of education and training seek a healthy mix between home study through courses and lessons, class-room study, Group Discussions and Seminars by compulsory coaching in Educational and Training Centres and field work and on-job training.
This unconventional and non-formal system of education has been found very effective especially in fields of business administration and business management where every problem is singular and has to be dealt with accordingly.  Theories and Principles involved can be learnt by text book study and illustrations and case studies but use of knowledge so gained and adaptation thereof to solve day-to-day problems require ability and skill which have to be developed.

Courses of IBAM are aimed at developing and imparting knowledge with practical skills of decision making and implementation based upon the unique features of every day to day problem which has to be treated individually.

Effective coordination between education and practical on-job training prepares the students to face day to day challenges of the business world.  The educational and training period is not only taken as a time to acquaint the student with theories and concepts but is also utilised to incorporate professional on job training to acquaint the student with practical know-how and to develop insight in the works career which the student will be embarking upon after completing the courses.

Having been trained in the afore-said manner, the students can be expected to make a mark in the employer concerns with the word go.  The training expenses incurred by the employers to acquaint and train a new entrant are also reduced considerably.  The students work acumen is developed during the course of studies.

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