Education and Training
Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes wherein students from other Institutions and Universities are invited to participate thereby encouraging inter-action of Student Members of this Institute with students of other Institutions and Universities.
University Campus Buildings
  Academic and Teaching Faculty  
Board of Directors has constituted the Academic Board comprising over 20 permanent Members. Members of the Academic Board are mainly Educationists and specialists in various functional areas of Business Administration and Business Management including Professors in Management disciplines from other Universities in Delhi to work on assignment basis,
Fee Structure

Fees Payable Are Prescribed In The Schedule Of Fees Prescribed
Schedule Of Fees Prescribed Duly Include The Total Fees Payabe Each Year To;

1. The IBAM

2. The Coaching Centres Being Tuition Fees For Educational And Training Programmes And Classes.

3. Fees For Study Material For Each Course Issued By The University

4. Fees For Additional Study Material For Each Course Issued By The Ibam.

Additionally, The Cost Of Prospectus, University Enrolment And Course Fees As Per The University Prescribed Schedule, Entrance Examination Fees, Eligibility Test Fees, Examination Fees, Compulsory Subscriptions And Other Miscellaneous / Examination Fees, Etc., As Prescribed, Shall Be Payable To The Ibam, As Scheduled, Per Annum.
Further, The Cost Of Prospectus Of The Educational Centre, Admission Fees, Library Fees And Subscriptions, Computer Lab Membership Fees And Subscriptions, Group Discussions And Seminar Fees And Other Miscellaneous Fees, Etc., As Prescribed By The Educational Centres, Shall Be Payable To The Ibam Educational Centres Per Annum. Additionally, Centre Tuition Fee Will Also Be Payable To The Centre In Case Of One Year / Two Year D. C. A. / PG DBM Courses Conducted By The Ibam Directly.





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