Education and Training
Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes wherein students from other Institutions and Universities are invited to participate thereby encouraging inter-action of Student Members of this Institute with students of other Institutions and Universities.
University Campus Buildings
  Academic and Teaching Faculty  
Board of Directors has constituted the Academic Board comprising over 20 permanent Members. Members of the Academic Board are mainly Educationists and specialists in various functional areas of Business Administration and Business Management including Professors in Management disciplines from other Universities in Delhi to work on assignment basis,
Student Services and Placements


Students Advisory Committee has been constituted by the Secretary to ensure proper communication with the students and to resolve their individual problems thereby promoting healthy relations between the students and the Institute. The Students Advisory Committee has directional powers over the Directors of Students Educational Centres to ensure availability of proper teaching facilities to the Students at such Centres as also to redress the problems of the students, if any, during the Course of Education and Training.


Members Professional Guidance Bureau has been constituted by the Secretary to provide proper assistance to qualified students and Members for further development of their professional career including job placements and such other facilities. These facilities are provided to the Members without any additional costs.

Many employer concerns conduct Campus interviews at Students Educational Centres and identify gifted and talented students for placements in their respective concerns immediately after the successful completion of the courses of the Institute. The Institute has already established linkage with several employer concerns who :

(a). Sponsor their employees for the Educational and training programmes conducted by the        IBAM.

(b). Conduct Campus Interviews ;

(c). Accept Institute's qualified students for job placements in their concerns ;

(d). Advise the Institute with respect of futuristic and emerging trends in the sphere of         employment and projected manpower input requirements of the Industry ;

(e). Permit students of the Institute to undergo practical on job training in their respective         concerns ;

(f). Permit students to undertake Project Work in their respective concerns .

Many an Employer concern have already accepted the Institute's qualified students for job placements in their respective concerns. A number of students pursuing courses of the Institute have been sponsored by the employer concerns and are undergoing training and education in Business Administration and Management with the Institute.

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