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University Campus Buildings
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University Campus Construction

Immediate Objective Of The Ibam Is To Create Infrastructure For Promotion Of Its Educational Activities In Various Fields Of Arts, Commerce & Management & Such Other Professional & Vocational Training & Education. For Attainment Of This Objective, Ibam, Bilaspur Is Establishing A Private University Under The Name Of " Commercial University " In Raipur And Consequently The Construction Of Campus Of The Proposed University Is Being Undertaken.

First Phase Of Campus Construction Has Been Completed And Presently Construction Of Second Phase Of Costruction Is Being Pursued Vigorously With The Objective That Students Can Be Admitted For The University Courses For The Session 2015-16 Commencing July, 2015.

Details Of Proposed Construction Of Buildings For The Proposed University Campus Are Detailed Below :  
Permanent Campus Building Is Presently Under Construction For The Proposed University In Chhattisgarh.  
Campus Construction Will Be Under-Taken In A Phased Manner.  
IBAM Has Already Got The Construction Plans Approved By The Government For Construction Of :  
List of proposed faculties :
Drawing Halls,
Instructional Resource Centre,
Examination Hall

  Tutorial Rooms,
Computer Centre,


Administrative Area :

  Offices, Staff Rooms,
Confidential Room,

  Conferences Room,
Estate Office Etc.

Students And Other Amenities
Common Room,
Dispensary, Etc.

  Sports Room,
Lobby Centre,                        
Students Recreation Centre

Residential Area
Boys Students Hostel,
Staff Quarters,
University Teachers Club House

Girls Students Hostel
University Guest House

All Religions Prayer Rooms
Students Union Office
Market Area

  Bank & Atm
Sports Auditoriums                       


Total No. Of Buildings




Total Land Area With The Institute

= 30 Acres Approx    

Total Land Area Under Construction

= 9,46,000 Sq. Mtrs =   23 . 375 Acres

Total Anticipated Cost Of Construction Of

= Usd $18,184,000.00 =  Rs.112 Crores

Total Campus Compring Total 65 No.Buildings


IBAM, Bilaspur Is Presently Engaged Establishment Of A Private University Under The Name And Style Of “ Commercial University “ And Has Already Acquired Over 30 Acres Of Land In Motiyari Dih, Simga, Raipur And Has Already Commenced The Construction Of The Campus For The Proposed Private University.

Diversion Of Land For Construction Of The Proposed University Campus Has Been Obtained. 

Construction Plans For Construction Of Total Proposed University Campus Have Already Been Approved. 

Contractors And Builders To Undertake Construction Have Been Appointed. 

Construction Of The Proposed University Campus Has Already Commenced And The First Phase Of Construction Being Construction Of :

Site Office Comprising About
Administrative Wing Comprising About
Teaching Wing Comprising About

  1,500 Sq Ft.,
9,000 Sq. Ft. Of Floor Area And
21,000 Sq. Ft. Of  Floor Area

Has Already Been Completed.

1. A View Of The Proposed University Campus To Be Constructed As Per The Construction Plans Approved By The State Government,

2. Location Map And

3. View Of The Proposed University Campus Buildings Already Constructed Is Projected Here-In : Refer Link" University Campus Buildings"

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