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Proposed Commercial University Plans to Impart Practical Knowledge to Students

The upcoming Commercial University at Baloda Bazaar district of Chhattisgarh aims at changing the teaching methods with an emphasis on interest invoking education which is result oriented and student centric.

As a country with rapidly growing economy higher education has witnessed a steep increase in the number of Private Universities.

A well rounded and practical educational foundation will be awarded to the students with full focus on Personality Development and Soft Skill training besides the course content. The focus would be on building functional and cross functional team working skills, communication skills, relationship building skills and use of technology.

Need based wide spectrum of courses will be offered. Inter action of the University with the industry at every level will be the focus to use research and development to enhance productivity of industry and students. Education would be used to impart practical knowledge showing its students the practical implementation of knowledge imparted to them.

Proposed Commercial University to connect education to enhance employability index in its respective courses. Proposed University plans to take our country to next level of growth and productivity.  Thanks to the launch of “Make in India”, “Skill India” and “Start up India” programmes which will redefine educational system.  The proposed University will teach contents of its syllabus and curriculum accordingly.

A great step by the promoters IBAM Society for bringing such higher education to the door step of rural Indians as COMMERCIAL UNIVERSITY.

Commercial University will aim for the highest quality of education at affordable price.  Unless the education is affordable it is useless for our masses in rural areas.

Quality, employability and affordability are the three mantras of upcoming University.


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